Dave Cadle


Dave is not only involved at Through, but in many other projects

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Melissa Cole

Administrative Support

Melissa works mainly with the health clinic. She is the go-to for most things!

Cheryl Jelliff

Administrative Support

Cheryl is the bookkeeper. She also is a member of the board of directors

Current Projects

Our Vision for the future

Our Mission‚Äč

Our Faithful Volunteers


Wendy Belinda

Clinical Director

Wendy manages the health clinic, and she is one of the original founders.

Connecting People

Work with members in our community and make a difference

Through, Inc was founded in November of 2008. The founding members of Through had a vision for a nonprofit that would empowered individuals to overcome the challenges of life by providing them with a group of people and resources who are well-connected, compassionate, and committed to their future success.

Their vision was focused on providing individuals with a place to turn for guidance and to provide those individuals with the information, friendship, and support that would allow them to serve others who are encountering similar situations.

We have a vision to create a community center that will serve as a hub for our activities and a place that can lead people out of difficulties and into success. Future community center activities will hopefully include a coffee shop, budgeting classes, seminars, and workshops.

Tracy Jelliff

Event Coordinator

Tracy is a member of AmeriCorp, and is serving at Through until August



Meet Our Team

We have numerous volunteers working every week. 

Through would not function without these great people!

Thank you to each and every one!

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Through exists to empower people as they move through physical, emotional, social and spiritual obstacles by connecting them to a network of people and providing access to available resources.